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Our cybersecurity services are tailored to fortify your digital defenses. With expertise spanning threat detection, incident response, data encryption, and more, we safeguard your operations from modern cyber risks.

Real-time Threat Detection
Real-time Threat Detection
Advanced-Data Encryption
24/7 Monitoring
Compliance Assistance
Managed Security Services
Data Backup and Recovery Plans
Security Patch Management
Remote Work Security Solutions
Used by over 100,000 customers around the world.

Pricing plans

Small businesses

Perfect for small businesses or startups looking for essential IT services and strategic guidance at an affordable price.


Comprehensive IT Assessment
IT Strategy Development
Cybersecurity Essentials
Helpdesk Support (5 hours/month)
Monthly IT Performance Report
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Medium-sized businesses

A medium-sized business is an enterprise that falls between small businesses and large corporations in terms of size, revenue, and employee count.


Standard Threat Defense
Essential Data Protection
Entry-Level Network Protection
Essential Endpoint Defense
Core Digital Privacy
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Enterprises are large-scale organizations characterized by their complex structure, extensive resources, and diverse operations.


Premium Threat Resilience
Advanced Cybersecurity Suite
Complete Endpoint Protection
Advanced Network Security
Robust Digital Privacy
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